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Pacific Northwest Seafood

Clams and mussels simmered in a delicate stew of butter, lemon, garlic, white wine, clam broth and herbs

We Focus on the Environment so you can Focus on the Delicious Meal in Front of You

Our steam kettle cooking process is extremely energy efficient and fast. We bring in our seafood from sustainable sources that do not harm our marine ecosystems.

  • Steam kettle cooking has been around for over a century. The jacketed kettle reaches a precise 212 degrees in under a minute, efficiently cooking your KettleFish classic to perfection, every time.
  • Steam kettle cooking uses 62% less energy than traditional stock-pot on open-flame cooking methods.
  • Sustainable sources of seafood create zero harm to our environment.

We believe in responsibly sourcing the seafood we prepare for you. We trace our sources back to where our seafood is caught or raised. We only work with suppliers that ensure the well-being of marine life populations, ecosystems, and fisheries..

Popular Menu Items

Freshly hooked, perfectly cooked!



A hearty French seafood stew characterized by a white clam broth with distinctive color by the saffron. Bouillabaisse stock gets an added punch with white wine and fennel.



Tomato based seafood stew originating in San Francisco and perfected in the Northwest. Cioppino recipes are regionally focused and usually contain a hearty white fish as a constant. Our cioppino has Alaskan cod, local clams and mussels, shrimp, topped with chilled crab meat.

Pacific Pan Roast with added crab - (similar to seafood Bisque)

Pacific Pan Roast

SEASONAL Our signature buttery-smooth cream stew with oysters, shrimp and cod.

Kettlefish award winning 5 cheese mornay sauce mac and cheese with Crab

Crab Mac N Cheese

Our own blend of five cheeses and shell pasta topped with chilled crab meat. *Also available without seafood.

steamers kettlefish menu


Fresh local Manilla clams and/or Penn Cove mussels simmered in a delicate stew of butter, lemon, garlic, white wine, clam broth and herbs. GLUTEN FREE

shipload chowder kettlefish


Our clam chowder is the best you’ll ever have. Rich, creamy, New England style, bursting with chopped Atlantic surf clam and big, bold clam flavor. GLUTEN FREE

Kettlefish 2 piece Cod & Chips

2 piece cod & Chips

Two pieces of Wild caught Alaskan cod with French fries and house-made tartar sauce.

Kettlefish captains platter includes cod, clam strips, prawns and oysters with french fries and our signature house made tartar & cocktail sauces

captains platter

One piece of cod, clam strips, two prawns, one oyster served with fries, tartar and cocktail sauces.


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